5 days in HK

March 27, 2012 1 min read

Last night Roanne and Sherna flew to Hong Kong for five jam packed days. Long flights, connecting travel, in and out of wi-fi and aircon to meetings, markets and trade shows, with little time to catch your breath, it is not always a glamorous feat. But in true Saben style they will rock it! Conquer the work load and look fabulous whilst doing so. (A very well practiced art-form) I had the girls email me their packing picks of the trip. So take a sneak peek into what’s in their suitcase.

Roanne – accessories first (go-figure).

Ankle boots, flats, sandals and the go-to jandals. Lilac Freya with grab and go top handle, plus over shoulder strap and front flap feature with clip to secure! Pia with studs, an easy chuck-it-all-in tote that adds instant cool to any ensemble. Blush Tilly. That’s a given– everyone needs a tilly, and BFF jewellery. Boom.

Sherna - The essentials.

Chucks: check. Lucas paw paw: check. Tilly: well, duh! And that gorgeous woollen scarf is perfect in the air-con on the plane. I am very much in love with the shirt/necklace combos. Have a great trip!!