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Shooting Summer 12/13

March 21, 2012 1 min read

A massive shout out to the talented team who trouped together, shooting our summer campaign! Based on the notion of “The Lady of the House” we stepped back into an era which boasts colour, texture, and a light hearted opulence. Shot on location, hidden in the suburbs of Epsom at Sabenette Sherna’s home; complete with dance floor, conversation pit, indoor spa pool, deco lamp fittings and even gold trout tap fittings! We had the pleasure of working with (oh-so-stunning) Gabrielle from Red11 who played the demure lady, with modelisque ease. Our talented stylist Sian Britton curated six looks of summer-loving lady-like perfection. With massive thanks to make-up artist Michelle Brindleusing MAC and hair stylist Samantha Snow from her self-titled salon Snow in Milford who worked closely with Sian executing each of the 6 looks. Two words: eye-liner and volume! Special thanks to young designer Celine Rita, the cool kids at Jet Set Bohemian  and our friend Adrian Hailwood. Many thanks to the support of Red11. Our creative go-to girl, Monique Higgins was lurking about building footage for a film showcase and Charlie McKay was behind the lens capturing the essence of our coming summer collection (he is all kinds of awesome). The team were an absolute dream to work with!! It was a full on day, but we nailed it! Thank you, again. Here are some behind the scenes snap shots for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!