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Needs and Wants! (The sister edition)

November 20, 2011 1 min read

Ahhhh so I am in major budget mode. Only 2 more pay cheques before Christmas. (Freak Out) Thats a whole lotta gift shopping to be done in such little time! Needless to say - the greater concern is what to get!!!! So I shall confess to you each step of the way who is getting what and hope that it helps you out. Unless ofcourse you are one of those super annoyingly organised people who chipped away at it through out the year. pfffft. My sisters easy; Whatever i want - they want. So i just shop as if it is for me (dangerous territory)

Cue: This Dog Vase form

Or a BFF Necklace from us - easy! You need every colour. Duh

Or a new pair of Chucks. I still want the all whites. NEED. As do my sisters.

Enjoy the wrap! Brooke  xx