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Sale Shenanigans

November 22, 2011 1 min read

PHWOAR. What an awesome day! Thank you so much to everyone who came along. May you have bag happiness in the days ahead. We have only just recovered from the madness that was Fridays sale.  Scroll down for the side-notes from the Sabenette side of the Sale... We saw a stampede of handbag crazed woman cuing up outside the roller door at 110 Carlton Gore Rd in the early hours last Friday. Below is a sneak peak of that opening moment - had us in the brace position.. Many thanks to Jones the Grocer for the early caffiene induced high, the midday extra rush of sugar from this delicimo Caramel Slice (Gluten Free even!!) Toward the evening.. we sitched it up to cheese and olives mmmmm. Cheers JTC! Nom Nom Nom


The forecast: Raining handbags!

Nek Minit

(gottta love Sherna's happy dance!)