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Mom's The Word - Roanne Jacobson

April 20, 2017 1 min read

MEET ROANNE: Business owner, designer, coffee drinker and mother to Jack, 11 years and Adam, 9 years. Ro shares with us her thoughts on raising sons in a busy world, AND what is on her Mother’s Day wishlist...

 (Roanne carries new style, Gita in black 'bubble' textured leather)

Best part about being a mother: The quiet confidential conversations and the cuddles.

Favourite parenting advice you received: It goes fast, so make the moments count.

What you didn't see coming: How they would destroy my furniture.

Raising sons in this busy world: Get them outdoors and active.

Getting that balance between work and motherhood: Balance comes with two big words…Get Help. Your partner, grandparents, babysitters, house cleaners, whatever it takes.

Values you want to instil in your boys: Hard work, determination, passion and focus and being a good person while following your dreams.

Your Ideal Sunday: A sleep in followed by coffee and a nice long walk.

Your own mum: Never sat down. I really didn’t get this growing up, I couldn’t understand how it was that she could never stop and relax. I get it now.

Mother's day wish list: It’s an bi-annual request to my children that occurs on my birthday and mother’s day… no fighting.