Elements - AW17

May 26, 2017 1 min read

AW17 presents refined silhouettes, rich surfaces and colour for a look designed by nature.

The creative process for the Autumn / Winter '17 collection began by highlighting the five elements; Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit. 

Which element are you?


FIRE - Paprika

Spirited hues of burnt orange immediately create blatant emotions of power, happiness and enthusiasm. 

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AIR -Mushroom and Porcelain


In contrast to the color of bright sunsets are varied shades of airy-nudes and grey that delicately illuminate feelings of calmness

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WATER - Pacific


Let the calm wash over you with the deepest blues offer cleansing and a peaceful serenity

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EARTH -Military


Olive green and brown implicative of the earth and nature relate to prosperity, ambition and harmony

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SPIRIT - Black


Strengthen the wisdom in your heart; Shades of black embrace change- a trait that is necessary for an always-evolving world.

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