SS19 | Reflection has landed

Introducing ‘Reflection’, Saben’s Spring/Summer ’19 collection. Through bold, personality-filled designs the new collection invites you to embrace what you see in front of you. 

Saben SS19 Reflection Collection

The collection rejects the idea of shying away from your reflection, acting as a reminder to be unashamedly yourself. This strong ideal is one that inspired Saben founder Roanne Jacobson throughout the design process.

“When choosing the bright colours and unique details of this collection, I felt inspired to create accessories that would make women proud to stand out while appealing to their individuality. Fashion should be without barriers, as should self-love, so this movement is something we are proud to advocate through this collection.”

Through the seasons motif of repeated spheres - featuring in the circular hardware, round studs, and adventurous handles - curves and smooth lines become part of the every day. Shapes to be embraced, not turned away from.

Each shade of orange, lemon, sage, cinnamon, french navy and birch is as bold and individual as the woman wearing them. These are colours that do not shy away from being noticed, instead they stand out unique and proud.

With an undercurrent of 90’s glam rock, Curtis, Jaxson and Mackenzie feature metallic hardware details, spliced chains, studs, detailed zip pullers and the unexpected contrast of suede tassels. Harking back to an era where making an entrance was encouraged.

The Reflection collection is bold and proudly individual, empowering wearers to be the same.

View the SS19 Reflection collection here.

Saben SS19 Reflection Collection