Saben x Blunt Collaboration

A little piece of beautiful chaos

We are excited to announce the BLUNT x Saben collaboration is here! Bringing together the contemporary, beautiful and playful nature of the two well-known Kiwi brands to create a portable work of art.

Featuring a dusky pink canopy, the design also features an array of gorgeous gold chain details and of course our iconic YOU LUCKYLUCKY THING charm. Hand drawn by local illustrator Bridget Daulby, the concept for the chains was for them to marry together the golden chain detail with another accessory, the BLUNT, to create a little piece of beautiful chaos.

“We wanted to create a design which at the heart stays true to Saben, maintaining a little bit of femininity with the dusky pink canopy that is synonymous with our brand; while exciting the senses with the striking features and colours on the canopy detail,” - Roanne Jacobson, founder of Saben.

Both Saben and BLUNT place importance on their values and ensure collaborations are always in alignment when it comes to beautiful materials, striking colours and exceptional quality products that are designed to last a lifetime.

“I always enjoy working alongside like-minded Kiwi brands like BLUNT who understand the intersection of beauty and function in the same way we do.” - Roanne Jacobson, founder of Saben 

While a Saben bag holds the chaos and order of a women’s life, having a BLUNT umbrella by your side year round will remind you what a lucky lucky thing you are!

The limited edition umbrella is available from Thursday 27th July in Saben stores, selected BLUNT retailers and online. Made in Limited edition numbers.

Shop the Umbrella, and matching chain print accessories here.

Saben blunt umbrella collaboration illustrated by bridget daulby

saben blunt umbrella collaboration illustrated by bridget daulby

saben blunt collaboration illustrated by bridget daulby