REBLOGGED: The Fashion Inspired Cosy Living Reveal


 Right from the raw age of 5 years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up; a Fashion Designer. I spent my entire childhood sewing, entering fashion design competitions and striving to get into my dream job in the Fashion Industry. Amazingly, I landed a job working for a New Zealand clothing retailer for 8 years as their head buyer, spending my days creating full clothing ranges and working with fabrics, textures, trims and colour coordinating. It was the dream.

Since moving on from this industry into interiors, I have found myself just as passionate about creating a coherent look and feel within homes, and funnily enough building and styling an interior setting follows the exact same process required when designing a clothing range- and furthermore, I am seeing that clothing fashion can quite often inspire interior fashion too.

For this month’s room reveal, I brought my two passions together to create a fashion inspired Lounge for Winter. Always starting off with a moodboard of inspirational images, textures and colours that help create a story to reference back to, I focused on one of my favourite New Zealand designer ‘Juliette Hogan’ who has a gorgeous A/W collection which for me inspired a lovely tonal lounge for Winter Night snuggling.



Seeing the rich hues of rich ‘merlot’ paired with soft hints of terracotta, ceramic neutral and clay tones, I decided on one block colour for the walls; Dulux ‘Borland’ which perfectly ties the other accent colours together in this set-up.

The depth of the Black flooring draws out a wintery drama to the overall look, and what would a room like this be without texture in the furnishings? I’ve bought in tonal soft furnishings that use textures like Velvet, silk and wool.





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