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July 13, 2018 1 min read

As we look ahead to the coming seasons, we touch base with founder and designer Roanne Jacobson who sets the tone for the coming collection Exhale. Landing instores and online later this month.

NZ leather handbag brand designer Roanne Jacobson

Working in an industry that is fundamentally about what is next; always working seasons ahead, Saben creative director Roanne says “moments of being present have to be created. Having time, space and energy and no distractions - that  is luxury. That feeling became the starting point of our Exhale collection”

Saben Summer design mood

Saben Summer design moodboard

The colour palette is paired back, it features a fresh white, neutral linen and earthy tans. The “new navy” prussian, is a loving ode to Roannes early chapters as an artist. Prussian is her favourite colour to paint with; The act of painting itself is so meditative, pairing perfectly with the origins of the collection.