We are excited to introduce long time friend of Saben, Sunny and her mini-me daughter, Jesse.

6 going on 16, Jesse is always by her mama’s side. You’ll see Sunny & Jesse on their Instagram account, out and about around Auckland, adding to their ever stylish mini and me wardrobes.

We caught up with Sunny about the never ending rollercoaster that is motherhood and what advice she has for mums about to embark on their own journey into Motherhood

saben mothers day campaign sunny and jessie wearing fifi berry handbag

Tell us about yourself and what led you to be the woman you are today? 

Hi, I'm Sunny! I've been married Gurjeet for 14 years and we have one beautiful daughter Jessie, who is now 6. 

I have learnt that in life you learn from your mistakes, they led you to do better and every age comes with its own challenges, whether it’s marriage, kids, jobs, or being a stay at home mum. Everything teaches you something and that’s just what life is all about. 

What motherhood means to you? 

Motherhood is like a roller coaster, you enjoy the ride but it has its challenges. 

It’s the most rewarding job in the world, from the moment I held Jessie in my arms I was lost for words and my life changed completely. She has taught me so much about myself and keeps challenging and growing me each day. My mum is the best example, and I know mothers are never wrong. 

saben mothers day campaign sunny and jessie wearing fifi berry handbag

The values you hope to instill in your daughter Jessie? 

Learn to respect your parents! They know the right and wrong for you. I know she’ll learn from her mistakes but I do hope like we love our parents she always has that respect no matter what. 

What traits do you have that you see in her? 

She’s got a very creative mind like me. Good eye for detail and remembers everything. 

Tell us about your daughter Jessie; 

Jessie is very smart little girl, she is a people person and loves hanging around with friends. I love how kind she is, She’s gotta' big heart and that is the one thing I really cherish about her. 

She can really test me at times with her personality and as she’s growing and wants more independence I still like a bit of control. I remind her she’s 6 not 16 ha ha !

She teaches me everyday, honestly I learnt who I am, and that my mother is the most important person in my life because without her guidance I think I couldn’t do motherhood at times. She has really taught me to be myself and don’t worry about what other think. 

saben mothers day campaign with sunny and jesse wearing saben fifi handbag in berry

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

That life is too short and you shouldn’t spend time worrying about what’s out of your control. Pray every day it still keeps you calm at the most darkest days of your life. 

What advice do you have to share with someone about to embark on their own journey of motherhood? 

Take each day as it comes, time certainly flies with kids so enjoy what you can. SELFCARE is one important thing, even if it’s just washing your hair because it’s so overdue and doing your makeup once in awhile! I enjoyed getting my nails done even when Jessie was little, do what you think makes you happy. Listen to advice but your gut feeling about you or your baby is what matters. 

saben mothers day campaign with sunny and jesse wearing saben fifi handbag in berry

Tell us why you love your Coco Handbag?

It’s a very cute size and keeps my hands free carrying just the essentials I need. Jessie is older now so no need to be carrying a big bag all the time. Also, because she also can wear this and she loves bags like her mama. 

Sunny wears Fifi in Berry and her daughter Jesse wears Coco in Black with Feature Strap in Black and White.

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