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Rebecca is brilliant, bold, straight-shooting, open minded, and goes with the flow. Someone you could easily become fast-friends with. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, doesn’t hide from hard-truths, nor sugar-coat them for her children; Rocky, seven years, and Ruby, five years, whom she loves fiercely. The youngest of a big, blended family anchored by her mum Pauline; B talks to us about her kids, her mum, and is admirably casual about lending her womb to Tess’ & Dans baby Ziggy.

Tell us about Rocky and Ruby; What are they like, the things you cherish about them, the things that test you, and what they’ve taught you…

Obviously they are amazing but motherhood doesn’t come without its challenges, ha! 

Rocky is the coolest kid; he is sweet and empathetic but also hilarious and always out to make you laugh. His gentle soul is one of his best attributes, but can also be the most challenging; we are really working with him to regulate his emotions and own his feelings. But, wow seven year old boys are something!

Ruby is the best; she is wild and fierce and will cut you in your sleep - so you don’t want to be on her bad side. And she thinks she’s about 16. She’s un-apologetically herself, and we love her for that. We love all of these things about her and try our best to not break her spirit or put her in a box so we try and stick with two things 1. Don’t be rude and 2. Use your manners. She can be as wild as she wants with all the attitude in the world but still show respect to others.

The kids have taught me so much over the years I can’t believe this year I would have been a mama for eight whole years! As corny as it is, they have taught me the true meaning of love, they give life the best purpose and they have taught me to be a better person for them. I’m constantly learning and evolving so they are being raised in an environment where they are nurtured but also not sheltered. I am a huge believer in being honest with them and they’re pretty worldly for a five and seven year old. We have some very open and honest conversations and Rocky is definitely growing into a leader; he has started calling family meetings where he brings issues up on behalf of himself and Rubes. It’s equally hilarious and amazing! The first one we were in total awe of him and how he held the space for us to all just talk. Ruby however would much prefer to just be dancing or doing gymnastics lol.

Tell us about your own mama. What she means to you / what she has taught you. Do you see yourself in her?

Mum is the GOAT* of mums; she is always there for us, and has hands-down been our number one supporter for as long as we can remember. She has been our family rock, our personal rock and is absolutely my children’s rock. Mum is pretty quiet, but mess with her children, or grandchildren, and you’ll hear about it. She’s a mother of six, (four of hers and two of my Dad’s - we are one big, glorious, blended family) and is a Nana of ten. Mum will do anything to help people, she is always around for us but also our friends and their children. And then there’s her knitting I think every kid we know has a piece of her knitting.

I think I am raising our kids similar to how she raised us? I haven’t really thought about that, I have always aspired to be a mum just like her, she was always there for us, her jobs were always around us. She would work at the school or the school library, she was always there and I’m so lucky I am able to do that for my kids. One of the best things about mum is she never tells us we are doing it wrong or if she thinks we could be doing something differently; she lets us figure it out but is ready to help us through it. Things have changed so much since she had her own children and you would never hear her say ‘oh well, we did it like this’ but she might quietly go off and research so she is able to support us in our choices. She really is the ultimate queen, like actual.


And Ziggy boy, What an incredibly generous gift for Tess and Dan. What was it like being his womb mama? And that long awaited moment, when you got to bring him earth side and hand him to Tess?

It was totally fine, I know it’s odd but I’m not overly emotionally attached or anything to what I was doing or what I did. I just felt like I could do it, so I did it. He was the perfect wee womb-mate and gave me hardly any grief! Haha. He just hung out with me and we got on with life, it’s an odd thing to have a baby in your belly that you are actively trying to not bond with - but in saying that, I never had the urge to bond with him. I knew what I was doing and it was always really clear for me: I was to nurture him like I would my own babe, but also not have an emotional connection.

It’s funny when people ask about that moment of birthing him and then passing him to Tess, I always thought that would have been the most incredible moment, and it was, especially for them; But it was so surreal, I think I thought I would be so emotional but things happened a bit different than I had planned and I was really just ‘done’. Everyone in the room was crying and I was like ‘here’s your babe, I’m out’ ha! I enjoyed looking back on the moment and watching the beautiful video we had done because in the moment I was a bit over it all and just wanted to get back to my own family unit - not in a bad way at all but in a healthy way. Again, I really appreciate and enjoy the photos of handing Ziggy over because at the time I was exhausted and not really in the moment so I love the pictures we have to see how beautiful it was.

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What does motherhood mean to you, and how has this evolved since you became a grandmother?

To me Motherhood is about being the best mum you can be and always giving your children the best opportunities to grow into an independent happy well adjusted person. Then being a grandmother is the absolute icing on the cake, you get to spend time with them which keeps you young! (That’s what Rebecca tells me anyway). Enjoy being there for them - do all the things, be hands-on; baking, sewing, gardening, take them to the park or for outings. In lots of ways you’re doing the same things but without the same responsibilities and just a little bit older.

And what you admire most about Rebecca;

I love her ability to be funny and brighten up peoples lives. She mostly sees things in a positive way and from all perspectives. She is very diplomatic and always champions for the underdog. She is a glass over flowing not half full kind of gal.

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Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021

saben handbag mothers day 2021

Saben handbag mothers day with rebecca kiel 2021