Mom's The Word - Jess Claris

April 29, 2017 1 min read

 Jess is a nurse, part-time blogger, part-time product stylist, coffee drinker and mother of three, Jake (12) Archie (4) Theodora AKA Teddie (2), Jess shares with us what she loves most about being a parent - AND what is on her Mother's Day wishlist...

Jess wears Matilda croc

Best part about being a mother: The laughs. Because if you didn't laugh you would cry!

Favourite parenting advice you received: From my Grandma. Structure. Kids love routine.

What you didn't see coming: Number 3 ….. our daughter.

Family life: Should be fun.

Getting that balance between work and motherhood: Don't sweat the small stuff. You can't do everything. If you house is a mess after a long day at work. Let it stay a mess! There will always be tomorrow. Pour a wine instead.

Values you want to instil in your children: To be kind. Kindness is the key to everything.

Your Ideal Sunday: Sleep in (well let's face it that is 7am!) Brunch. Shopping. Dinner with family and friends.

Your own mum: I have been raised by 2 strong women my mother and my grandmother. They have taught me to laugh at myself, how to sneak shopping past your husband and how to make a good cup of tea.

Mother's day wish list: I had better say spending it with my family because I'm going on a kid free holiday to Melbourne in 6 weeks! Woohoo!