Mom's The Word - Abby Plested

Wife, homemaker, life and style blogger, and mumma bear to Houston Dax, (4 years) and Goldie Grace (4 months) shares with us what she loves most about being a parent - AND what is on her Mother's Day wish list.

Abby wears NEW style Frenchie in bubble black

Best part about being a mother: being able to be a kid again.
How you balance the "life and wife" parts vs the "mothering" part: husband who? Just joking is easy when you are married to your best friend we look at it as a team thing. always. I always like to think if our marriage is good then our kids will be good. So, we as a couple come first before the kids.
Favourite parenting advice you received:  Let your no's be no and your yes be yes.
What you didn't see coming: The amount of times I would say " because I said so" 
Values you want to instil in your children:To know their truth ALWAYS.
Tell us about your mum: She is the strongest woman I know. Complete rock star and conquers all with such grace. My hero.
Weekdays vs Weekend: Chaos vs Chaos 
Mother's day wish list: too big to list.... but one thing I am dying for is the Goddess bracelet from Zoe and Morgan in silver ( I pray Daniel is reading this)