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September 16, 2020 4 min read

We catch up with ever-lovely Zoe Clark, INCO Studio owner and mother of three, to chat on our three favorite things: beauty, business and babies. Zoe candidly shares her thoughts on COVID, community, and the challenges that have come with 2020 (most chaotic year to date, am I right?). As a lover of NZ design, we couldn’t help but be inspired by her edgy yet effortless style, along the way. Read more on the blog… 

Stop, Collaborate and listen.

 saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

The juggle: Managing business and babies is no walk in the park. Talk to us about raising all four of your babies...

What does your daily routine look like? I’m lucky my kids don’t rise too early so I tend to get up before them, have a glass of fresh lemon and water followed by a large coffee, head into the studio around 9 once all 3 babes are sorted. I have 

How was INCO born? One of my best girlfriends encouraged me to go out on my own. She knew I wanted to make a difference for the industry, and I wanted our guests to feel 'in good company’, always. I found out I was pregnant with my third baby not long after we had our site shared with us.

Key lessons you’ve learned from the trenches of that ‘juggle’ / words of comfort to other working mamas. Just take each day as it comes. Some days are really hard and exhausting but not every day is. Having a good routine and being prepared with meals etc always helps.

How do you take time for yourself? With the nature of our job, our backs and shoulders are often compromised. I make sure I fit in a massage to relieve ant tension. Fit in the gym or Pilates when I can and drive home in absolute silence. The perfect way to clear my thoughts. Dinner and wine with the girls is always essential when we can too. More often than not, we’re at the bottom of the list for time to ourselves, we should prioritize it more.

 Inco Studios Ponsonby

saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

On business during COVID-19:

What has been the most challenging part of your experience so far? The whole thing! Lol! Rescheduling our guests is always a bit of a mission. We have full days that we need to fit into days that are already booked.

What is the most positive change you have seen in people’s behavior and attitude? More patience and care-free attitudes. I think it’s been nice for people to slow down, obviously not nice on so many levels but appreciation of simplicity.

Can you briefly break down the challenges facing you right now as a business?Maintaining momentum to keep moving our business forward while keeping outgoings low. 

What is most important to you right now in terms of getting through this? Keeping my team tight and well. I value them all so much so ensuring they are all ok is essential.

When facing this uncertainty what is sustaining you? What are you hopeful about? The passion I have for what we do keeps me going. I’m hopeful that if Covid-19 is around for a while we have national industry systems to enable businesses to continue to operate safely to prevent future closures.

Tell us about your team, your clients, and the Inco community. Our team are incredible. They all have different strengths and styles that they bring to the business and I love that. We are all on the same page with the same agenda. Our guests and community are ageless, diverse and extremely loyal. They love the privacy of our booths for hair, and the ability to be amongst the buzz while having their nails done.

 saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

Style files:

We love the interior design and artistic flare within the studio, where did that inspiration come from? I took huge inspiration for interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Maximalism with continued colour palettes to create a calming effect. I wanted the space to be unique but caring to be in.

Saben has had the pleasure of experiencing the exquisite and polished work of INCO studio, how do you keep the studio constantly evolving with fashion trends? Trend research is imperative in our industry. We always make sure we are ahead, if not with the trends and my team are really amazing at researching and jamming out techniques.

What is your favourite piece of clothing to wear at home lately, and why? Definitely track pants. I’ve never been home long enough to have full days wearing them so when I’ve been able to, I’ve absolutely embraced it.

Every time we see you, you are reppin' NZ brands, who are your go-to's and why? I have been refining my wardrobe over the years as my body has changed after having my babies. Everyone knows if I wasn’t in my industry I’d be in fashion. Maggie Marilyn I love and is my ultimate go-to. Beautiful brand, beautiful mission/mantra and beautiful forever pieces. Twenty Seven Names and Kowtow are my work-wear go-tos. Their style and fabrics I love and suit me for when I’m working in the studio and again, great brands and brand stories.

Your go-to Saben handbag? And the next one on your wish-list? I really love the Porter tote. Great for fitting in all the things I need everyday. On my wish-list is the Tilly cross-body. Love the size for essentials.

Zoe wears Maggie Marilyn top & Twenty-Seven Names dress. 

 saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark

saben x inco studios interview with zoe clark


Photography: Kate Battersby
Styling: Amber Armitage
Hand models: Brooke Fairgray & Sujata Rajus

Saben x Inco Studios

Saben x Inco Studios

Saben x Inco