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May 09, 2022 2 min read

This year Saben is celebrating a milestone, our 20th birthday, a huge business and personal milestone for me. As the business has grown from its infancy to adolescence and now hitting the big 2-0, the emotions of my business reaching fully fledged adulthood strikes a similar chord as the feelings I’ve experienced seeing my boys grow (who, by the way are now both taller than me!)

When I started Saben in my 20’s, out of my parent’s garage, I never imagined how far we would come. I say ‘we’ because it is only the support of my family and the many people around me, and our incredible customers that we are here today. It has been my privilege to meet so many amazing women and to design pieces which have found their place, By Your Side, becoming part of your daily wardrobe and routine.

The Saben By Your Side Mother’s Day campaign has multiple layers of meaning for me. When I talk about By Your Side, I am referring to my family, my amazing team, my friends, as well as my handbag. The vessel which acts as my talisman every day.

Each of these elements stand by my side supporting me, encouraging me, and giving me the confidence to be the best I can be. I trust your Saben bag sits by your side taming the chaos and adding strength and confidence to your everyday.

Thank you once again to the families who took part in this year’s portrait series. It is an honor and a highlight of our calendar to share the stories of families from our community.

I have been deeply humbled by the families we’ve met, all of whom have shared their experiences of Motherhood and ‘Otherhood with the highs, lows and the deeply personal experiences that make up the wild ride. 

I hope their stories inspired you, and made you feel less alone on the journey of motherhood, whatever your relationship to it may be.

With love from, Roanne x

saben roanne jacobson and sons

roanne jacobson of saben

saben founder and designer roanne jacobson wearing bea black handbag

saben founder and designer roanne jacobson wearing bea black handbag

saben founder and designer roanne jacobson wearing bea black handbag

Roanne wears Bea Black with the Black and Chunky Chain Feature Handle and Black and Gold Feature strap

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