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#briefcasebliss: The 101 Guide

June 21, 2016 1 min read

Mama Saben has done it again, in three words; Briefcase On Point. With the both the sabenettes and sabenetteboymen rejoicing we now have the new briefcases in store and online.
Our wish is it's command as it features an abundance of perks; laptop compartment? check, Room for the paper work? check, sleeve to pop over the suitcase handle? check, small secret pocket for passport or phone? check. This is not even mentioning the detachable should/cross bod strap casually modeled by yours truly above.
In all honestly, the briefcase is just an excellent all rounder, whether it's taking you to the office, or out for a business lunch our briefcase is the briefcase for you. 
And Mama Saben has been kind enough to put one forward for a giveaway, enter here!