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Lady Love: Amy from Milo & Mitzy

December 02, 2014 3 min read

We are crushing all over this blog, so we caught up with lovely lady and creative powerhouse behind Milo and Mitzy, Amy. As we steal five minutes of her time we find out how it started, what is coming next as well as her sartorial inspiration.... TELL US ABOUT MILO AND MITZY: Where the dream started? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is next for you personally and what is next for M&M? Milo and Mitzy began back in 2011 when I was studying. Basically I am really really excellent at procrastinating. I had this huge list of blogs that I would read while I was meant to be studying. I thought to myself, I can do this, I am obsessed with interiors and fashion, why not. And so it all began and it has just grown and grown ever since and it surprises me every day how many people actually want to log onto Milo and Mitzy to read the garbage that I write. I wish that I could change the name but I am too far into it to do that I think. I have also recently embarked on the adventure of designing and have created several woollen blankets that to my suprize completely sold out! I am passionate about New Zealand Wool therefore this is something that I am working on currently. Watch this space! Check out her blog: here 1277301_547296895325014_420614822_o  

Recurring dream:   Baby crying… Oh no wait, that’s a real baby crying dammit!
What gets you out of bed: See above, apart from that, breakfast! Favorite meal of the day. Seriously how good is vogels and tea?
Listening to: Lots. Right now Milky Chance and George Ezra. Kt Tunstall and Tristian Prettyman are always in the mix and always have been.
Favourite hour of the day:  7pm… whats that noise? Nothing, the kids are in bed!
Favourite holiday spot:  Anywhere at the beach. Hawkes Bay have the coolest beaches. I am lucky to live so close to them.
People are surprised at:  That I live in the middle of nowhere on a farm and that I am actually a teacher. (blogging is just my fantasy life!)
You never leave the house without: My iphone, sad but true.
Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset STYLE FILE:
Clothing item you would never part with:  Not a particular item but stripes stripes stripes. I own everything stripes!
Clothing item you would ban:  Tights as pants. I have been guilty in the past when no one was looking.
Purchase regret: So many. You know that moment when you have money and you cant find anything so you just buy something because! Dam that moment gets me every time!
One essential when Packing for holiday: Ottoloom tukish towel. So handy!
What is trending that you can get enough of: Marble anything seems to be up there on my homewears list, fashions wise, stripes, grey marl, denim and tan leather footwear or white cons. They are my go to items.
matrix 1 ROUND UP: Style is: I think true style is a bit of a natural thing actually. Yea you can have the latest and the greatest but that’s not me, I prefer a bit more individuality with a mix of whats trending. Think old mixed with new. Success is: Achieving goals. I heard a quote the other day, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That applies to me in so many ways. When I am teaching in the classroom, planning the week with my husband, blogging and being a Mum. I reckon that’s an excellent quote to live by when aiming to achieve goals. HANDBAG:
Carry-all or clutch:  Carry all.
Cross-body or shoulder tote:  Shoulder tote.
You have heaps of handbags that you change depending on the outfit or occasion OR you wear one and only one, thrash it then purchase new and repeat:  The latter although I do have heaps and come back to them after a while.
If we had a sneak peak in your hand bag what would we find? Dam I wish I could say something cool here but unfortunately that’s nappies, snacks, wipes, raisins fallen out of their packet and even a toy or 2. So not stylish!
Which style(s) is your Saben soul mate?  KINGSTON!!!! Come home with me Kingston!