Saben Pop Up store at Auckland International Airport: From dream to reality

November 14, 2014 2 min read

For the past four months we have been working hard here at Saben to create something truly close to our hearts. We are so excited to be announcing our Auckland Airport pop up store, an opportunity we encountered that was impossible to resist. We were excited for a few reasons. Firstly, this is the first time our whole collection is being presented together, side by side, allowing us to truly capture the essence of our brand. Secondly, we were able to design our own store allowing us to tell a story we have been dying to tell. Every aspect of this store from start to finish is an expression of Saben. The goal of this pop up store was to pin point who we are, capture that feeling and turn it into something great. Here is Ro’s initial design for the store and how the beginning of the stores appearance started out. Ro had a strong vision from the beginning and we worked alongside the Auckland International Aiport team and Shop FX for it all to come together. RO’S INITIAL DESIGN ro's sketch Here are a couple more pictures showing the inception of the Saben pop up store. We took time with every aspect making sure they fit in with the Saben spirit. A massive thank you for the hard work from the talented team at Shop FX for the design and amazing construction of the Saben outpost. And a big thank you to the team at Auckland Airport for their support and sharing their expert knowledge. outpost shop matrix In the details: Weeks went by as we debated on the uniform for our lovely sales assistants. We wanted something different and new that we had not seen before. We worked with NZ lifestyle brand Mavis and Osborn on these aprons, complete with the Sabenette Scout badge and russet leather straps. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and believe they are Saben’s spirit in a nut shell; hard working, strong and oh so stylish. aprons by MO So here we are. Our pop up store is a few days from opening for business and the dream is real! We really hope you enjoy this store as much as we have loved the entire design process from start to finish. Be sure to visit the Saben pop up store when you’re passing through Auckland Airport and say hello.

First stop, Saben. Next Stop - the world!