Lady Loving Session: Meet Jess of Mamma Tuppy



This week we hung out with Mamma Tuppy a.k.a Jess and talked about all things girly, cool, style and food. Jess is super down to earth - plus she brought us TREATS from Little & Friday... ca-uteee!!! AND so delicious! Jess has been blogging for many years and her style is super clean with a boy'ish baggy touch; a whole lot of #swag! Jess will be jet-setting back to live in her hometown Australia soon and... WE WILL MISS HER!  MAMMA (named after her  mum) TUPPY (named after her grandmother)! So there's a whole lot of WOMAN behind her blogger name, and we #LadyLOVE it!! Shout out to Jess for being apart of our Saben Lady Loving Session! saben top five top five 1) Luca Limited Edition "I love the “all white everything” trend right now, so the Luca White bucket bag fits seemlessly with that style.  The gunmetal hardware adds a touch of tough to the white, which I love." 2) Travel Rig "The Rig is the ultimate overnighter – a classic shape, the perfect size, and a style that will never date." 3) Eye On You Purse "I love the Eye Purse! It reminds me of the Kenzo eye print. It’s the type of purse you can wear with all black and it becomes the feature piece of your outfit." 4) Signet Collection Jewellery "The whole Signet collection is so me. I want every piece so I can stack them on every finger." 5) Luca Scarab "The craftsmanship in the Luca Scarab is ridic! I love the ancient Egyptian reference." Polaroid_IMG_3875-horz Style resume My fave footwear: Sneakers, Nike AirForce Ones Mids My fail-safe piece: Denim Cut Offs My fave Saben Handbag:Limited Edition White Luca What SOS items I always carry in it:Ipad mini, chewing gum, lip balm, diary and iPhone Can’t live without my: Vogue subscription What you don’t know about me:That I’m a fashion blogger, but I’ve only ever watched one episode of Sex of the City. I prefer shows like The Sopranos, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire Describe your style… Schizophrenic! My style completely depends on the mood I’m in. I love classic pieces, such as a well-tailored jacket, but I spend the majority of my time in casual mode – jeans, sneakers and a t shirt. Sometimes my style is chic and other times I dress like boy. shorts-horz swoon Crushing: Long line wool winter coats, pastel pink, marble anything Coveting: John Buscemi sneakers, All Gone book collection, Saint Laurent roller skates Watching: Those Who Kill starring Chloe Sevigny Eating: Too many cakes from Little & Friday Listening to: Yasiin Gaye (Mos Def & Marvin Gaye) – The Departure  IMG_3889 IMG_3896 For more on Jess/Mamma Tuppy visit her: FACEBOOK, WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM Love the Sabenettes xx