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The Orchard Collection X Jason Clark

October 03, 2013 1 min read


Behind the Scenes

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The Orchard Collection - Orchard Daisy Cocktail

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Meet the man behind The Orchard Daisy cocktail - Jason Clark


Jason is New Zealand's leading top bartender and he's specially custom designed a cocktail to match The NEW Orchard Collection! What a champ!! Best way to end the working week, right?! With over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, Jason has carved an impressive award-winning cocktail career for himself. We are a huge fan of Jason and his delicious cocktail work; so we knew he'd be the man to design a beautiful Orchard inspired cocktail. The Sabenettes can't get enough of the Orchard Daisy cocktail, it's refreshing and perfect for any time of the day. Let the taste buds do the talking lovelies... try it yourself:

Orchard Daisy - Recipe by Jason Clark

3x Mandarin wedges (skin on) 2x Grapefruit wedges 2x lime wedges 30ml Shott Passionfruit Syrup 45ml Kettle One Citreon Vodka Squeeze citrus wedges into 500ml mason jar Add syrup & vodka, fill with ice & top with soda water. Swizzle/stir to blend ingredients Garnish with fresh mint, raspberry, grapefruit, mandarin & pomegranate seeds Love the Sabenettes xx For more about Jason visit: Twitter: Instagram: