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The Best of Med

June 25, 2013 2 min read

What a treat! In the middle of a design and production trip, Club Med, Bali hosted Sabenette’s Roanne and Brooke for three fun filled days of happiness in paradise… Situated in Nusa Dua one of the most beautiful parts of the Island, Club Med has reserved the best spot for us! The resort is extremely spacious and based right on the beach, making a welcomed change from the chaotic cluster of the inner city work spots we are used to.  On arrival we were welcomed with iced tea and a cool towel to freshen up, given a brief tour of the resort and the days activities (there is so much on offer!). As we were shown to our room, we couldn’t stop oogling over the beautifully kept gardens and lawn, a beautiful big pool, and a huge outdoor bar. Glimmering in the background, less than one hundred metres away and guarded by a larger-than-life peaceful Buddha statue, was a private beach with beach huts (and better still, another bar). Amidst all the sport and rec. activities there are plenty of quiet spots to relax. Club Med’s all-inclusive holiday experience was inspired by the official ‘Olympic Villages’ where people of different nationalities would come together for sport and recreation; that multicultural vibe and sense of belonging was incredibly evident. Club Med has gracious organisers (“G.O’s”) from all over the world taking part in resort life, coaching sport, entertaining the kiddies but by night they could join you for a drink or dinner, everyone was so friendly and language was never an issue as most GO’s speak more than one language. Between a golf course, tennis courts, archery, trapeze, wind surfing and the quiet spa - all the ingredients for a great holiday were catered for. We didn’t want to leave! So thriving on the challenge of the activities, and only after brushing up on my archery (call me Brooke Everdeen) plus trying to be a superhero doing somersaults on the trampoline, I settled for a quiet spot on the beach in front of Club Med to finish my book in the sun. With the full buffet meals and open bar, indulging was way too easy. A cheeky little extra cocktail by the pool? Don’t mind if I do! It was so lovely being able to doze off under a palm tree to the distant sounds of playful kids. They had so many activities lined up Ro should have bought her boys! BUT with an adults only ‘quiet pool’ by the beauty spa you could totally retreat after a massage. Happiness! What’s your idea of happiness? matrix  

visit or phone 0800 CLUB MED (0800-258-263)