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Travelling to Bali - Do's and Don'ts

June 14, 2013 2 min read

DO Take the direct flights with Air New Zealand. (flying to Bali sans the transit gets a thumbs up from us!) DO Use the blue ‘Taksi’ with the bell bird on the logo (and barter the fare before you get in. OR ask your driver to use the meter) DO Use the BMC money changer. If you use a street vendor with an exchange rate that is too good to be true;  -it most likely is. DO Take sunscreen and mosquito repellent. DO Pack starters and stoppers, especially if you have a fragile tum. DO Pack a re-usable water bottle. Or you will go through 50 plastic bottles on your holiday, the Island doesn’t need more rubbish, and neither does your greeny conscience. DO Buy a Saben cross-body. We suggest Tilly’s Big Sis, Chelsea, Poet or Baby Laken. DO Keep your wits about you. It is a friendly and bustling country, but within are moments motivated by desperation. DO Get your travel insurance up to date. DO Go exploring, even just for the day. Taxi’s are cheap – check out:

  • Ubud – up the mountain in the ‘jungle’ temperature is slightly cooler, and it is the spiritual hub of Bali.
  • Jambaran Bay – The cliff, the beach – hit up seafood BBQ or grab a cocktail and enjoy the sunset
  • Nusa Dua – resort haven, but also the spot of our new fave ‘the Blow hole’!
  • Tanah Lot – temple, indulge in the spirit and culture of the island.
  • Echo Beach – Popular surfers spot!
  DON'T Pack push chairs, car seats, high heels or drugs. The footpath is narrow* (if there is one) and it is full of holes. A good ol’ piggy back, or a front pack is your best option for the kiddies. High heels – is an ankle sprain waiting to happen.  And drugs - enough said. (CUE:  ‘Snowing in Bali’ by Kathryn Bonella) DON'T Touch the dogs. Mostly they are too lethargic to care, but if you do get a bite – go straight to Bali clinic for a rabies shot. DON'T Get your hair braided, it is only cool if you are under the age of 10. DON'T Go to Kuta (more than once) Once you see beer swelling tourists repping Bintang wife beaters, you can’t un-see it. On this note. Do not get a tattoo, even if you are desperate to get the Southern Cross stars on your chest. Avoid. DON'T Drink the water. At all. Avoid ice in your drinks, unless it is a trusted eatery. DON'T Hire a scooter unless you are an experienced scooter driver. The roads in Bali have more hazard targets than a Nintendo game. AND it is the tourists that cause most of the crashes. DON'T Fly at night, your body clock will hate you and you will need a holiday after your holiday. Air New Zealand has flights leaving first thing, so you get home in time to do a load of washing, have a cup of tea and prep for the reality of going back to work. *on this note: honeymooners, the beach is your best bet for a romantic hand-in-hand stroll. The footpaths don’t boast Notebook moments.