Best Restaurant

February 17, 2013 1 min read

“Known to be a madam of authority in an Asian gentlemen’s club, the name Mama San was selected because of the old and new world influence the interior and Asian cuisine would be” This place had us weak at the knees, and that was before we read the menu. Need we mention the cocktails, or the impressive wine list which featured a few drops from home.  Mama San is street food chef extraordinaire, Will Meyrick’s recent projects, of Bali’s “Sarong” restaurant fame – Mama San was bound to be a gooden and it did not disappoint. The waiters were personal and professional and knew how to navigate the menu – perfect for us, at the end of a working day, making decisions can prove difficult – so we let him take the reigns and order for us; what a treat! Soft crab salad, a lychee and duck combo and our favourite “Dendeng balado” a caramelized short rib beef dish with kaffir lime chilli & lemon basil were so dreamy my mouth is watering as a write this blog!! Mama San is a MUST if you visit Bali, and it needs to be noted that it is also a cooking school and bar. If Meyrick is behind that education – take a day to attend!! mama san