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Tilly'll do the trick for a Taupo Trip

May 31, 2016 1 min read

So I got to have another cheeky getaway this past weekend- not as tropical as Bali but Taupo certainly did a good job with the whole R&R situation.
And as with any trip the sabenettes or I have, a Saben bag is always only an arms length away! #tinytilly is definitely my top pick for anything short and sweet. 
She holds literally everything, from sunglasses to lip balm to, yes you did see correctly.. an emergency bar of chocolate... for emergency use only... ok, maybe not but it's a holiday so the calories don't count! 
Her constructed interior totally helps to organise the chaos which would normally be dispersed between my pockets and saves you on both time and that heart-dropping moment when you think you've left your wallet somewhere!
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