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May 17, 2016 2 min read

There are some people who somehow manage to carry everything they need in their pockets or little clutches, and then there are some people (hello us) that well, always end up needing the kitchen sink.

Thanks to Mama Saben, we can now do so in style! Introducing Jem, Quinn and Regan - What on earth would we do without them?!
Whether you prefer something slouchy, casual or a little dressy, we have you covered!
Meet Jem: She is the fabulously soft, sweet and bottomless number we have with the patchwork detailing. Her small suede outer pocket is perfect for your keys, phone and lippy. The long strap is suited to both hanging off one shoulder, or to be worn cross-bod. She really is a treasure!
Meet Quinn: Well she can be dressed up a little more. With her detachable handle, she can be worn nice and snug under the arm. Or use her longer strap for a cross-bod look, or simply hang her from your shoulder. He soft gold hardware matches beautifully with both silver and gold, as well as adding a little shine to the dullest of winter days.
And Regan: Well you should be familiar with her by now! I’ve taken her under my wing, and have crowned her the leading lady for a carry-on companion, as well as using her as both my work and university bag (yes, I manage to fit it all in, and no I don’t really sleep). Her hidden pockets are both spacious and handy for anything from a phone charger to wallet or boarding pass. Worn over the shoulder, or held by her handle she is just a beautiful sight.
Want to know more? Come in store and try them out! (BYO kitchensink).
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