Lady of Liverpool

June 07, 2012 1 min read

We are pleased to give you a sneak peak at the hero shot from our Summer 112 Campaign. The Lady of Liverpool chanels a 70's vibe and colour pallette and celebrates the notion of refined freedom with a quite confidence. Gabby from Red11 did a stunning job posing the lady of the house, shot on location at Sabenette Sherna's home in Auckland. We loved working with such a passionate team of creatives, photographer Charlie McKay captured the esscence of our summer collection, whilst film creative Monique Higgins compiled some behind-the-scenes footage for a mini-vid coming out soon. Stylist Sian Britton drew from the racks of Celine Rita and Adrian Hailwood and her own sources to put together 6 amazing stories, tailored by hair stylist Samantha Snow from SNOW and freelance make-up artist Michelle Brindle. We can hardly wait for summer to arrive! Stay tunned x